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Jun 11

Using VR to take a field trip – the future is now

I just presented and demo’d Google’s new (still in Beta) virtual reality app Google Expeditions at the Anderson 5 Summer Institute.  This is a game changer for sure once it is released publicly.  I will post a YouTube video of a live (well recorded) demo to accompany this presentation.  There is more than just Expeditions …

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Nov 14

Connect your classroom to the world – Google Hangouts

How impactful would it be to students in a foreign langue class to collaborate on a project with students from that country or have a physicists on hand to consult with students during a lab assignment or allow students to ask authors about the book they just finished reading in class?  Or even have an …

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Oct 27

5 Extensions for Chrome that Every Teacher Needs

When it comes to making your life easier – Google is there for you.  More specifically, Google has made it easy for developers to make your life easier.  This 10 min video presents 5 Chrome extensions that I use almost daily – and sometime hourly when I was in the classroom and now that I’m …

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Oct 14

Google Calendar – Make a date with organization

Google Calendar is my hero. My calendar stays full and I’m constantly being pulled in 8 different directions – Google Calendar keeps me on task, organized, and sane!  I created a video lesson for my teachers on the basics of Google Calendar and have embedded it below.  Give Calendar a chance – it might just …

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Oct 01

The New Google Classroom

I just created this as a reference for teachers with start to finish and back for the newest update to Google Classroom. Watch the embedded slide show for all the goodies!

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Mar 03

Make Your Forms “Smarter” with Add-ons

Until recently, if you wanted your Google Form to do anything special you had to write (or find a prewritten one) a script.  Which was more coding than most people would want to tackle for a simple Google Form.  Google Released several Add-on’s for Forms not too long ago and it has made Forms so much …

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Feb 18

5 Reasons I love the new Inbox (beta) by Google

While I have been a loyal Gmail user ever since I got my beta tester invite more than a decade ago, I have found a new love in Gmail’s new sibling – Inbox.  Here are the top 5 reasons I’m taking the Inbox plunge and leaving the old Gmail in the app drawer. 1. You …

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