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Oct 01

The New Google Classroom

I just created this as a reference for teachers with start to finish and back for the newest update to Google Classroom. Watch the embedded slide show for all the goodies!

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Mar 09

Google Classroom Cheat Sheet

I thought it might be nice to be able to refer my students (and other teachers) to a quick Cheat Sheet for Google Classroom.  I’m sure I’ll leave out something, but here is what I think are the important things to understand about how Google Classroom works.     When a student “Turns In” an …

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Dec 26

Google Classroom will give you Time

Here’s the situation: You want to set up folders so your students can receive and turn in assignments all electronically. You school has Google Apps for Education, all you students have a Google account, and all you students have a means of accessing and working online during class – how do we use this great …

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