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Oct 27

5 Extensions for Chrome that Every Teacher Needs

When it comes to making your life easier – Google is there for you.  More specifically, Google has made it easy for developers to make your life easier.  This 10 min video presents 5 Chrome extensions that I use almost daily – and sometime hourly when I was in the classroom and now that I’m …

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Mar 04

Best Screen Capture extension in Chrome

Working in a digital classroom (or even a traditional classroom), the need constantly arises where you need to capture images, graphs, documentation, ect… from your screen to incorporate into your lessons. Traditionally you can do a Print  Screen or on a Chromebook Ctrl+ to activate the screen capture.  But you don’t always want the whole screen, …

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Feb 17

Ginger – the extension that proof’s everything

So we have all been typing along and with 15 things on our minds, we miss a typo or 3 before we hit send, submit, save, ect… Sometimes the app or program we are using has a built in spell checker or maybe even a grammar check.  Google has a pretty decent one that works in …

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