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Mr. Lee Teaches Podcast

Teaching methods, strategies, tips and tricks, classroom management, educational technology — if it happens in teaching we’ll talk about it here.  With all the research and tools at our disposal today, too many teachers are working way too hard at their job.  Here I share with you things I have learned in the classroom, things I have shared with teachers I work with, and they have shared with me to help make things easier while increasing rigor and learning in our classrooms.  I’ll interview teachers, students, administrators, parents, other academic coaches such as my self… a little bit of everything.  Basically, this podcast will be everything you can’t learn in a book – trade secrets if you will, to make teaching and learning more effective, fun, and fulfilling.






Ep 1 – Conference Do’s and Don’ts for Teachers

Mel Hahn and I sit down while at 2017 TCEA conference and go over tips and thoughts about how teachers can get the most out of attending a conference.  Even if you have been to conferences before, there may still be some useful information in this podcast!

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Ep 2 – 10 Reasons to use Twitter in Your Classroom

In this podcast, I lay out my top 10 reasons why Twitter is an invaluable tool for every educator in today’s classroom.  I share some of my personal experiences with Twitter in the classroom as well as some suggestions as to how you can use Twitter tomorrow in your class!!

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Ep 3 – Creating an Effective Tech-Friendly Classroom Management Plan

This is a recording of my Upstate Tech Conference 2017 session. I have played with the audio so that the questions and comments from the attendees should be audible (fingers crossed). It was one of the best live presentations I have given thus far!

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All Podcast are hosted on SoundCloud and can be found here.

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