Jan 11

Google Drive and Chromebooks print from anywhere in the world

Since we have moved to 1-to-1 Chromebooks in my district, I have moved to a totally paperless classroom.  Other teachers have had more trouble doing so in such a short amount of time.  Part of the issue they have is that they are still using Office products so they can print things, and not moving …

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Jan 06

Search By Owner in Google Drive

If you are using the new Google Drive you can still search by owner! Owner:emailaddress Type the word “owner” followed by a colon. No space and then the email address of the owner. This will filter your Google Drive for all of the documents that are owned by that email address. To:emailaddress You can also …

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Jan 05

Filter your Google Drive Searches for Better Results

  Have you noticed the search box at the top of your Google Drive Screen? This allows you to search your files in Google Drive. This is one of Google’s powerful search tools to help you find what you need, when you need it!  The search will search not only the names of your files and folders but …

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Jan 04

Top Three Ways to Organize your Google Drive

Drive Naming Folders

Google and more over Google Drive make it easy for you to take your classroom into the virtual realm of online assignments and paperless living.  Being Google, Drive is setup with all kinds of Googley tricks to help keep you organized and on track.  When I first started using Drive (some 8 years ago) I …

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Dec 30

Have Students Use Google Drive to take Paperless Notes

Cornell Notes Template

What’s the point in having a $200, $300, or even $400 device in your students hands if they don’t use it but as a fancy video player or over sized Google searcher?  Taking notes has been a conundrum for me in my class ever since we started BYOT and now with 1-to-1 Chromebooks. I’ve tried …

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Dec 26

Google Classroom will give you Time

Here’s the situation: You want to set up folders so your students can receive and turn in assignments all electronically. You school has Google Apps for Education, all you students have a Google account, and all you students have a means of accessing and working online during class – how do we use this great …

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Dec 22

Pearson SchoolNet Primer

Here is a quick tutorial for using SchoolNet.  I created this for my district to use before testing this past fall.  Please note that your district my have different features turned on or off but this should give you the basics to use this powerful tool in your classroom.

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Dec 22

So What if I’m an Anonymous Chameleon

I know my kids get a kick out of seeing what Anonymous Animal icons pop up when I share a Google Doc that multiple people are working on.  We’ve all seen it, but when we moved to one-to-one Chromebooks and everyone has a Google account now, boring initials replaced the random animals – so sad. …

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Dec 22

My Goals for This Endeavor

Years ago I kept a personal blog. I kept it active, updated, and tried to make it interesting for a full year. I would have kept up with it but we moved, I took a job, and well – time to work on the blog got less and less till I just quit trying.  At …

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