Classroom Management Strategies and Ideas to Deter Student Cheating

Classroom Management is a huge topic so this will be a first of many on the subject. This time we are discussing classroom management tips to curb cheating in a technology rich classroom. Whether it’s Chromebooks or iPads or bring your own technology, there are ways to deal with the possibility of cheating without having to be the technology police. There are a variety of Non-technology methods to reduce the temptation to cheat by students as well as some technology enhanced methods. Please leave some comments on how you deal with it in your classroom and remember, I will revisit this topic soon!

What is flipped learning and why do it (plus free tools) #ISM ep 1

My first episode of my new video series is up!  I’m putting out videos on Monday with instructional strategies and on Fridays I’ll still post my tutorial type videos.

Flipped learning is a pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space – that is to say, the traditional lecture is sent home and the homework is done in the classroom. With free tools like Google Classroom, Screencastify, and many others – flipping your classroom is pretty easy. Flipping actually makes a lot of sense by doing the ‘homework’ with the teacher so that during practice and application the ‘expert’ is there with the learner. This also transforms the classroom space into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where students are more engaged, creative, collaborative, and feel more supported.

In this video I talk to you about many of the reasons your should try flipping your lesson but also some of the reasons you shouldn’t flip. Friday’s tutorial video will be about creating a flipped lesson (link to tutorial video)

Techify Your AVID Strategies with Voxer

Tried and true teaching methods will always stand the test of time. AVID strategies such as Socratic Seminar fall in this category. However, just because something works fine without Technology, doesn’t mean that Techifying it won’t enhance it’s effectiveness and it’s engagement. Voxer is a great tool we can use to Techify conversation and debates! The Socratic Seminar is an old technique that has stood the test of time – from Ancient Greece to modern day classrooms. Now we can move it into the digital realm with some free tools. Take a look!

Cross Town Rivalry? Cross Town Collaboration!

High School Students put Rivalries Aside for College and Career Readiness

High school students in Anderson School District Five are putting their long-standing, cross-town rivalry aside—even the physical brick and mortar walls between them—in efforts to team up and teach one another the skills they’ll need post-high school in their professional careers.

As part of the College and Career Readiness (CCR) classes at T.L. Hanna High School, Westside High School, and the Anderson Five Career Campus, students were tasked with creating short videos to demonstrate their learning from a unit in which they taught one another the key concepts. School-issued Chromebooks allowed students from Westside and T.L. Hanna to communicate with each other through collaborative documents, which enabled them to work on an assignment together, despite the distance.

This collaborative project wasn’t just another assignment to be graded, though – these videos were also presented to an authentic outside audience of local professionals. Businesses involved included Darby Electronics, Anderson Interfaith Ministries, First Choice, Peoples Bank, and Tetramer Technologies, LLC, all of which certainly instilled an even stronger drive for students to produce and submit the best videos possible.

“The assignment was learner-centered and provided students a wide breadth of choice in how they presented their learning, which allowed for individual strengths and interests,” said Stewart Lee, a Digital Integration Specialist at the Career Campus, “Additionally, it provided them with practice in how they will eventually work with colleagues in the workforce post-high school.” With the guidance and assistance of Stewart Lee, and Westside’s Digital Integration Specialist, Melissa Looney, CCR teachers were able to deepen the engagement and increase the relevance of an important life skills unit.

“This project exemplifies the direction education in Anderson Five, and American Education in general, is going,” Lee said, “We appreciate our local business leaders taking the time to work with these classes and provide feedback to help grow these 21st century learners and support our innovative teachers.”

I’m Now a Podcaster

It’s been a work in progress for too long!  However, the time has come to announce my Podcast!!  I’m hosting the Podcasts on SoundCloud at the following address –

My plan for the coming school year is to post one video per week and one Podcast per month.  I’m trying to dip my toes slowly into the Podcasting world while enhancing my efforts with the YouTube channel I already have.  The videos for the most part will stay the same, along the instructional side of things – how to’s and what not.  While the Podcasts will be geared more towards talks I give or interviews I have to discuss more broad topics and philosophies around education and especially EdTech.  I hope you subscribe to both my YouTube channel and my Podcast so you won’t miss any new content!!

Check out my latest Podcast as of this post below!


Using VR to take a field trip – the future is now

I just presented and demo’d Google’s new (still in Beta) virtual reality app Google Expeditions at the Anderson 5 Summer Institute.  This is a game changer for sure once it is released publicly.  I will post a YouTube video of a live (well recorded) demo to accompany this presentation.  There is more than just Expeditions in this presentation though so check it out and try out some of the awesome, and FREE, apps I mention.  Transform your classroom and your teaching, it easier than you are thinking it is – I promise!!

Connect your classroom to the world – Google Hangouts

How impactful would it be to students in a foreign langue class to collaborate on a project with students from that country or have a physicists on hand to consult with students during a lab assignment or allow students to ask authors about the book they just finished reading in class?  Or even have an accountant help explain how your students will use the math skills they are learning for the rest of their lives.  Sounds like an amazing classroom experience – students might get lucky enough to have one of these in their 12 years of school, right?!  What if you could bring in a guest speaker once or twice a month? Well why don’t you??  With Google Hangouts you can do just that.  Guest speakers are much more likely to agree to speak to your class if they can do it from their own desk at work.  It makes it infinitely more convenient for someone to take 15-20 mins to speak to a class as opposed to having to take the day off, drive to the school, get signed in as a visitor, and for the teacher who would have to meet the speaker, make sure they had everything they needed, and have that dreaded transitional down time with the kids.  Google Hangouts is free, works on any device, and brings the real and interactive world to your classroom at the click of a button.

Google Drive Basics Video

This was last weeks video.  I was trying to get this video prepared and get everything taken care of for a conference so the blog post slipped through the cracks.  This takes you through the basics of Google Drive and gives you a taste of the power that Drive has built into it.  It’s a 30 min video and while I wish it was shorter – to give you everything on the basics of Drive it took that long!!  I hope you find it useful.


5 Extensions for Chrome that Every Teacher Needs

When it comes to making your life easier – Google is there for you.  More specifically, Google has made it easy for developers to make your life easier.  This 10 min video presents 5 Chrome extensions that I use almost daily – and sometime hourly when I was in the classroom and now that I’m the Technology Integration Specialist for my school.  Enjoy!!

Here’s the link to the Presentation with live links as well –

Google Calendar – Make a date with organization

Google Calendar is my hero. My calendar stays full and I’m constantly being pulled in 8 different directions – Google Calendar keeps me on task, organized, and sane!  I created a video lesson for my teachers on the basics of Google Calendar and have embedded it below.  Give Calendar a chance – it might just be one of the best products Google has out there!!

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