High School Students put Rivalries Aside for College and Career Readiness

High school students in Anderson School District Five are putting their long-standing, cross-town rivalry aside—even the physical brick and mortar walls between them—in efforts to team up and teach one another the skills they’ll need post-high school in their professional careers.

As part of the College and Career Readiness (CCR) classes at T.L. Hanna High School, Westside High School, and the Anderson Five Career Campus, students were tasked with creating short videos to demonstrate their learning from a unit in which they taught one another the key concepts. School-issued Chromebooks allowed students from Westside and T.L. Hanna to communicate with each other through collaborative documents, which enabled them to work on an assignment together, despite the distance.

This collaborative project wasn’t just another assignment to be graded, though – these videos were also presented to an authentic outside audience of local professionals. Businesses involved included Darby Electronics, Anderson Interfaith Ministries, First Choice, Peoples Bank, and Tetramer Technologies, LLC, all of which certainly instilled an even stronger drive for students to produce and submit the best videos possible.

“The assignment was learner-centered and provided students a wide breadth of choice in how they presented their learning, which allowed for individual strengths and interests,” said Stewart Lee, a Digital Integration Specialist at the Career Campus, “Additionally, it provided them with practice in how they will eventually work with colleagues in the workforce post-high school.” With the guidance and assistance of Stewart Lee, and Westside’s Digital Integration Specialist, Melissa Looney, CCR teachers were able to deepen the engagement and increase the relevance of an important life skills unit.

“This project exemplifies the direction education in Anderson Five, and American Education in general, is going,” Lee said, “We appreciate our local business leaders taking the time to work with these classes and provide feedback to help grow these 21st century learners and support our innovative teachers.”

Cross Town Rivalry? Cross Town Collaboration!
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