It’s been a work in progress for too long!  However, the time has come to announce my Podcast!!  I’m hosting the Podcasts on SoundCloud at the following address –

My plan for the coming school year is to post one video per week and one Podcast per month.  I’m trying to dip my toes slowly into the Podcasting world while enhancing my efforts with the YouTube channel I already have.  The videos for the most part will stay the same, along the instructional side of things – how to’s and what not.  While the Podcasts will be geared more towards talks I give or interviews I have to discuss more broad topics and philosophies around education and especially EdTech.  I hope you subscribe to both my YouTube channel and my Podcast so you won’t miss any new content!!

Check out my latest Podcast as of this post below!


I’m Now a Podcaster
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