How impactful would it be to students in a foreign langue class to collaborate on a project with students from that country or have a physicists on hand to consult with students during a lab assignment or allow students to ask authors about the book they just finished reading in class?  Or even have an accountant help explain how your students will use the math skills they are learning for the rest of their lives.  Sounds like an amazing classroom experience – students might get lucky enough to have one of these in their 12 years of school, right?!  What if you could bring in a guest speaker once or twice a month? Well why don’t you??  With Google Hangouts you can do just that.  Guest speakers are much more likely to agree to speak to your class if they can do it from their own desk at work.  It makes it infinitely more convenient for someone to take 15-20 mins to speak to a class as opposed to having to take the day off, drive to the school, get signed in as a visitor, and for the teacher who would have to meet the speaker, make sure they had everything they needed, and have that dreaded transitional down time with the kids.  Google Hangouts is free, works on any device, and brings the real and interactive world to your classroom at the click of a button.

Connect your classroom to the world – Google Hangouts