This past week I presented at the Anderson 5 Symposium featuring Google for Education.  One of the session I presented was 30 extensions and 15 Apps for educators.  While in one of the sessions I was asked why I was talking about one extension when they had heard about a different one that did similar things.  Ok, they did the same thing really.  I gave that teacher my honest answer – “I just like this one better.”  There are usually several Apps and Extensions that do similar or the same task, it all comes down to you – the user – and your preferences.  The purpose of my presentation, and others I have seen like it, isn’t to show you the coolest, the best, or even the newest products out there.  The purpose is to show you what, out of the millions of extensions and apps to pick from, work well and save you the time and effort in trying new ones over and over till you find one you like or that is useful.

With all that being said, it’s up to you as the user, as the individual, to make up your own mind about what makes your life and your job easier with a certain app or extension.  Now, here are the slides from my presentation, it’s free so take it for what it’s worth!!

Extension and App Overload