I have a son in his freshman year of high school.  It helps that I teach freshman, so there’s not a trick he can think of that I probably haven’t seen.  That’s good for me!  However, I have to remind my wife that he’s 15 and is going to do things that 15 years do – like make mistakes.  Especailly online.  This point was driven home last week when he signed up for Amazon Prime, because it was free for 30 days and “…[he] just wouldn’t renew it after 30 days”.  So I had to explain to him how online marketing worked.  To Amazon’s credit, it was easy for him to cancel the Prime account and they kept it active for the 30 days with no automatic charge at the end for continued service.

Then I found this Google Slide presentation.

The presentation below is the crowd sourced one liners of digital citizenship that can be used anywhere. Faculty meetings, workshops, I’m going to use it in my classroom, where ever!  Add your own digital citizenship one liners if you have a good one!!

Life lessons from a Dad/Teacher