Screenshot 2015-03-04 at 9.22.11 AMWorking in a digital classroom (or even a traditional classroom), the need constantly arises where you need to capture images, graphs, documentation, ect… from your screen to incorporate into your lessons.

Traditionally you can do a Print  Screen or on a Chromebook Ctrl+chromeos_page_flipper to activate the screen capture.  But you don’t always want the whole screen, especially if you have multiple monitors with split screens.

Welcome to Nimbus Screenshot!  I’ve been using and loving this extension for months now.  It gives you several options when you need a screenshot.  You can take the whole screen, a defined area of the screen (my favorite), or just the visible part of the screen.  nimbus

Then, once you take the screenshot, you can chose to edit it or just save it, or even redo it if it’s not what you were wanting exactly.  You can edit the screenshot (add arrows or circles for example) right in your browser before saving the picture.  You can even save it to a cloud service with Nimbus if you register your account (free and paid accounts available).

edit nimbus


I love Camtaisa and SnagIt, but the Nimbus extension goes with you on any browser anywhere (which can’t be said for other products) and offers great professional screenshot and editing options.  Give it a try and see if  your Print Screen button starts to collect dust!!

Best Screen Capture extension in Chrome
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