Until recently, if you wanted your Google Form to do anything special you had to write (or find a prewritten one) a script.  Which was more coding than most people would want to tackle for a simple Google Form.  Google Released several Add-on’s for Forms not too long ago and it has made Forms so much more dynamic.  Choice Eliminator is one of the coolest ones released so far.  It allows you to eliminate choices on your form after they have been selected a set number of times.  So for example, if you are wanting to schedule conferences at set times, once that time has been chosen, it is no longer available for the next  person to choose.  Or if you only have 15 seats in the meeting hall, you can eliminate the option after 15 people select it.


Once you install it, you will have the option to limit each question to a certain number of responses.  This allows you to “set it and forget it” to steal a phrase.  The Form will now “think” for you and stop people without you having to have multiple Forms, and turn them on and off if you are trying to schedule things.

I am currently using this add-on to schedule after school make-up sessions.  Once all my seats are full, the form turns off that day in the Form.  So I have one form for all the days I offer after school tutoring and I’m sure I will not have too many students signing up.

screenshot-docs.google.com 2015-03-03 09-14-04

I can think of many other uses for this add-on.  Leave some comments as to how you use it below.

Also check out Form Limiter, this add-on will shut down your Form at a specific number of responses or a certain date and time.  Both handy things to use with certain Forms.

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Make Your Forms “Smarter” with Add-ons
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