While I have been a loyal Gmail user ever since I got my beta tester invite more than a decade ago, I have found a new love in Gmail’s new sibling – Inbox.  Here are the top 5 reasons I’m taking the Inbox plunge and leaving the old Gmail in the app drawer.

1. You can pin emails.

You get that important email and don’t want to have to search to find it when you need it.  You can now pin emails so they stay front and center when you open the app.  You can be back into that important email in seconds until you are done and unpin it.

2. Preview attachments.

I have always hated having to open an email to see what the attachment was.  Now Inbox gives you a preview in the main inbox view.  So now I can open attachments without having to open the email itself.  It works with any attachment – pictures, videos, pdf, excel… you name it!
Inbox app

3. Bundling your emails will set you free

Inbox automatically sorts your email into premade categories, or categories that you create.  So when you plan your vacation you can have all the emails associated with it automatically sorted into a bundle together.

4. Clearing your Inbox with a sweep

You can ‘sweep’ an email with a swipe or a bundle all at once to archive the email.  This makes my life so much easier by not having 50 unread emails clogging my inbox.  I just sweep the un-needed ones into my archives.

5. You can now snooze emails

When I went to a conference a few weeks back, I snoozed the confirmation email with my registration code and my flight emails so that when I needed them, they popped back up to the top of my Inbox.  Also, it notified me that I should check those emails.  Now you can get the email you need when you need it and not have to keep track of it.

Screenshot 2015-02-18 at 11.37.48 PM
There are more things to love about Inbox, but you should check out Inbox for yourself. Just find someone with it and get a beta invite, or you can ask Google directly for a beta invite (but that takes a week or more typically).

5 Reasons I love the new Inbox (beta) by Google
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