So we have all been typing along and with 15 things on our minds, we miss a typo or 3 before we hit send, submit, save, ect… Sometimes the app or program we are using has a built in spell checker or maybe even a grammar check.  Google has a pretty decent one that works in some applications, but then there are those times that there is nothing, or you have to click through several steps to activate the spell check.  That’s where Ginger shines!  Ginger is the extension that grammar and spell checks everything you type within your browser window.  You don’t need to do anything other than mouse over the highlighted text and chose to accept the suggestions (which so far have been 100% on target).  20150217_132227


Lazarus is the other awesome behind the scenes extension I’m falling in love with.  Lazarus saves what you are typing in a temporary file.  It is set up so that as you finish the 100th blank on that form you’re filling out and the internet drops out, you haven’t lost everything.  Get back online and Lazarus allows you to one click replace all of your lost work.  It works on all kinds of forms and online typing.  Even this blog post is being saved by Lazarus incase something happens and I lose it all, I can one click it back into existence.

Ginger – the extension that proof’s everything
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