With all that goes on in a teachers life but on and off campus today, it is inevitable that you may receive text messages during class.  Either from your offspring (if they are a little older), a spouse, another teachers, or even the administration.  I get text more often than I get emails sometimes.

Since we are in a 1:1 classroom, I have made using your cell phone a crime punishable with confiscation and detention.  To set a good example, I need to refrain from reaching for that vibrating portal to the outside world during class.  But sometimes I can’t – I need to know what the information is that is being sent.

Here comes Might Text (extension and mobile app) to the rescue!

screenshot-mightytext.net 2015-01-29 08-41-29

Mighty text allows you to link your phone and your laptop/chromebook so that when you receive a text or have an important text to send, you just need to type something on your computer as if you were doing any other normal task on the computer.  The free version even sync’s some of your camera pictures and videos for easy texting (the paid version stores more and allows group messaging).

This is not to say you should be using this ability during your next Professional Development or faculty meeting, but you can use this cool Extension and App combo to keep up appearances with your students and possibly your boss!!

Mighty Text is Mighty Handy