Making use of technology in the classroom sounds good in a PLC or Faculty Meeting when it’s suggested but the basics are often overlooked when teachers start to use it.  Google Drive in all of it’s awesomeness it quite useless if you can’t bring stuff over and into your Drive.

I have shared 100’s of files with teachers, friends, my parents, and my students.  But where does that file go after you looked at it, how can I look at it or use it again, and how can I make it my own file to edit and use in my classroom?  Are all valid questions that aren’t necessarily intuitive to the novice.  So here you go – – –


Add Shared File to My Drive

add to driveOn your ‘Incoming’ folder, next to a file that is shared with you is a link to “add to my Drive”.  Clicking that will bring that file into your main Drive folder structure and you can place it into whatever folder you would like.  This will help you to keep shared files organized and easy to find.  Shared folders work the same way.  It will not affect your Drive space if it is shared with you, and it will not affect the owners organization if you move files and folders around in your Drive.


Make a Copy

make a copy

Sometimes you want to use and modify something shared with you but you don’t have edit rights (or it’s a group document that you shouldn’t change for the sake of others use).  Make a copy is your answer.

If you open the document and under File you will see “Make a Copy”.  Clicking that will make a duplicate file in your Drive that you own and can do with as you please.  The new file will be named the same as the old one but with the words “Copy of” in front.  Remember to rename it something different so you know which is your file and which is the one that was shared with you.








Bring a MS Office or Other Document into Drive

This might be the easiest one of all.  Simply click and drag your document into your Drive via the web-interface.drag and drop into Drive

You can drag and drop into any of your Drive folders to keep your documents organized.  Once you drop the file it will either ask you if you want to convert it to a Google Doc (which does not count against your storage quota) or if you have previously set your upload defaults, it will simply start uploading.  When it’s done you’ll get a confirmation.

Upload complete


How to Get Files Into Your Google Drive
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