Jul 15

I’m Now a Podcaster

It’s been a work in progress for too long!  However, the time has come to announce my Podcast!!  I’m hosting the Podcasts on SoundCloud at the following address – https://soundcloud.com/mrleeteaches My plan for the coming school year is to post one video per week and one Podcast per month.  I’m trying to dip my toes slowly …

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Jun 11

Using VR to take a field trip – the future is now

I just presented and demo’d Google’s new (still in Beta) virtual reality app Google Expeditions at the Anderson 5 Summer Institute.  This is a game changer for sure once it is released publicly.  I will post a YouTube video of a live (well recorded) demo to accompany this presentation.  There is more than just Expeditions …

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Nov 14

Connect your classroom to the world – Google Hangouts

How impactful would it be to students in a foreign langue class to collaborate on a project with students from that country or have a physicists on hand to consult with students during a lab assignment or allow students to ask authors about the book they just finished reading in class?  Or even have an …

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Oct 28

Google Drive Basics Video

This was last weeks video.  I was trying to get this video prepared and get everything taken care of for a conference so the blog post slipped through the cracks.  This takes you through the basics of Google Drive and gives you a taste of the power that Drive has built into it.  It’s a …

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Oct 27

5 Extensions for Chrome that Every Teacher Needs

When it comes to making your life easier – Google is there for you.  More specifically, Google has made it easy for developers to make your life easier.  This 10 min video presents 5 Chrome extensions that I use almost daily – and sometime hourly when I was in the classroom and now that I’m …

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Oct 14

Google Calendar – Make a date with organization

Google Calendar is my hero. My calendar stays full and I’m constantly being pulled in 8 different directions – Google Calendar keeps me on task, organized, and sane!  I created a video lesson for my teachers on the basics of Google Calendar and have embedded it below.  Give Calendar a chance – it might just …

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Oct 01

The New Google Classroom

I just created this as a reference for teachers with start to finish and back for the newest update to Google Classroom. Watch the embedded slide show for all the goodies!

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Jun 14

Extension and App Overload

This past week I presented at the Anderson 5 Symposium featuring Google for Education.  One of the session I presented was 30 extensions and 15 Apps for educators.  While in one of the sessions I was asked why I was talking about one extension when they had heard about a different one that did similar …

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Apr 28

Life lessons from a Dad/Teacher

I have a son in his freshman year of high school.  It helps that I teach freshman, so there’s not a trick he can think of that I probably haven’t seen.  That’s good for me!  However, I have to remind my wife that he’s 15 and is going to do things that 15 years do …

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Apr 23

10 Reasons to Tweet in your classroom

In the classroom just keeping students on task and learning is hard enough.  Add technology to that mix and you have an incredibly difficult task to keep student engagement and learning on track.  Throw in social media and some teachers think the world might end.  But that’s not the case for thousands of classroom’s all …

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